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Linda Standing 

Ottawa Valley folk artist Linda Standing has enjoyed painting and drawing ever since childhood but has only now, in her retirement years, offered her art work for sale.  She is a member of the Merrickville Arts Guild (MAG), in the historic village of Merrickville, Ontario, Canada.

As a traditional folk artist, Linda is self-taught and her unique pieces depict the scenes of the everyday life of our pioneer ancestors, humorous scenes and farm animals.

Her canvases are often recycled materials such as old cupboard doors, table tops and remnants of wood.

When creating
her works of art, she visualizes herself in the scenes that she is painting.

Graphic of a navy blue horse, with details of red hearts on legs, an orange saddle and light blue mane.
Four well used paint brushes in the colours of red, dark blue, sky blue and grey colours.
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